Study and Living in Egypt

Studying a degree programme in Egypt allows the students to study at the respected, low-cost universities, while immersing yourself in the country’s unique history and culture. To know about the cost of living, study, student accommodation, travel and other related things, read this post..

Living Expenses

The cost of living depends on the lifestyle you desire to have. In general, Egypt is inexpensive. It is a cheap place to live, with transport, food and other things being inexpensive. 

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees in Egypt are paid per credit hour. The credit hours vary. Different programmes/courses of study have different number of credit hours. 
You can expect to pay about USD $500 per credit hour. The tuition fees vary depending on the university and programme. 

Student Accommodation

Students have the following accommodation options in Egypt:

University Dormitory/Halls of Residence: Most of the universities provide dormitories. Rooms in student dormitories are usually shared between two students. Other facilities like cafeteria, laundry, computer labs, and so on. The cost of university dormitory varies. 

Private Accommodation: Can be an apartment. This form of accommodation is best for students who are travelling to Egypt with families, or who want a bit more privacy. The price varies depending upon the neighbourhood and amenities.  
Homestays: With this option, students get to stay with an Egyptian family and learn about their culture and norms. This option allows you to settle into the Egyptian lifestyle

The price varies depending on the location, size of the apartment and facilities. Students can find the accommodation through real estate agents. 


Getting Around by Taxi

Taxis are the most comfortable way to travel around Egypt. Each city has its own colour of public taxi, such as black and white in Cairo, yellow and black in Alexandria, etc. Each taxi has a meter system. Taxis provide a receipt. 

Travelling in and around by Bus

In Egypt, there are different types of buses: Microbus, Minibus, and Bus. The buses are affordable and have fixed time slots. 

Getting Around by Car

You can rent a car easily in Egypt. There are different agencies that provide car services. Contact the agencies to know about the car rental process.
In Egypt to rent a vehicle or to drive, you must have an International Driving License. Egyptians drive on the right-hand side of the road. 

Health Requirements

The Embassies publish lists of the vaccines required in order to enter Egypt. All international pupils are required to possess a comprehensive health insurance plan while studying in Egypt that covers accidents, illness, emergency medical evacuation, etc. The health insurance cost depends on the type of coverage

Health Care System

Egypt provides a universal health care system. The main government bodies managing Egypt’s health care system are the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Health Insurance Organization (HIO). 

Non-Governmental Insurance Schemes

Egypt has two main insurance providers that function under government supervision but with independent administration and financing. They are:

Health Insurance Organization (HIO): The health insurance organization includes students, employed persons, and widows. The premiums are deducted from employee salaries and employer payrolls.

Curative Care Organization (CCO): The CCO functions in specific Egyptian governorates-Alexandria, Damietta, Cairo, Port Said, Kafr el Sheikh, and Kalyubia. The CCO contracts with government agencies, organizations, individuals, and companies for the care services and arranges premiums accordingly.
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