Egypt as a Study Destination

Egypt is a fusion of Africa, Mediterranean and Arab influences that is alluring.  The country has a unique history, culture and norms.  Egypt has well-respected institutions and provide an alluring environment.  Depending on where you select to study in the country, you will be staying in the midst of ancient monuments in Cairo, within walking distance of some of the ancient Lighthouse in Alexandria or on the beaches of the Mediterranean.  Also, it is a home to some of the world’s most well-known historic sites, including the Temples of Karnak, the Valley of the Kings and the Great Pyramids. Egypt has grown into a dynamic society with a rapidly developing economy. 

Egypt in Brief

Official Name: Arab Republic of Egypt
Capital: Cairo
Official language: Arabic (English and French widely spoken)
Currency: Egyptian pound 
Government: Republic
Borders with: Israel, Sudan and Libya
Coasts along: Mediterranean Sea to the north and Red Sea to the east
Major River: Nile
Internet domain: .eg

Reasons to Study in Egypt

Studying in Egypt provides pupils the opportunity to learn about different facets of Middle Eastern culture, including political, historical, and economic.  A multi-cultural environment is being provided to the students in Egypt. 

Quality Education

Egypt offers quality education at all educational levels: pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary education. The Egyptian universities offer many study programmes for students. 

Affordable Study and Living

In Egypt, cost of living and studying is low. It is an inexpensive place to live, with transport, food and other things being inexpensive. 

Multicultural Environment

Students studying in Egypt get to explore a culture very distinct to their own. Bridging north-east Africa and the Middle Eastern region, and with a Mediterranean coastline, Egypt provides a unique blend of African, Arabic and Mediterranean cultures and traditions.

Many Scholarships

There are many scholarship programmes being offered to International as well as Egyptian students. There are federal scholarships and privately-funded programmes. 

Learn a new Language

While studying in Egypt, you can learn Arabic. You are surrounded by the language on an everyday basis, thus learning becomes easy. 
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