Thanaweya Amma

Thanaweya Amma (In Arabic: ثانوية عامة) refers to “General Secondary” in Modern Standard Arabic. Thanaweya Amma is known as the general secondary education track in terms of the Egypt’s education system. It is a series of standardized tests that lead to the Certificate of General Secondary Education for public schools. This examination basically decides the education pathway the students will pursue. Students who have finished the General secondary education sit for the Thanaweya Amma.

The Thaneweya Amma is one of the requirements for admittance into the Egyptian universities.  The public school pupils sit for several examinations at the end of the secondary school. Thanaweya Amma is one of those several examinations. The content of the examinations ad scoring depends upon the pupil’s curriculum focus- science, literature, or science/mathematics. Pupils take the test in the five core subjects they took in the final year of secondary school. The top scores of the examinations are published online.

The private school pupils can also appear for the “Thanaweya Amma” examination in national curriculum schools accredited by the Ministry of Education. 

The admission procedure to universities in Egypt is handled by the Coordination office of the Ministry of Higher Education. The office every year declares a list of universities and the minimum test scores required. Students who have completed their examination submit their preference of course and university, and accordingly the Coordination Office put them into a course/programme.

For latest updates see official website of Ministry of Education i.e.
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