Language Tests in Egypt

Arabic Language Proficiency Test (ALPT)

Arabic Language Proficiency Tests, or ALPT is a standardized Arabic proficiency test designed by Arabic Academy and endorsed by the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI). There are 56 member countries under ICCI that cover all 22 Arab countries as well as 34 countries in Africa and the Far East. The APLT started in 2002 and measures the student’s level of proficiency in Arabic. 

The ALPT comprises of 5 sections:
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Reading
  • Structure
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Structure of ALPT

The Arabic language proficiency test comprises of 5 sections and each section evaluates a language skill. The ALPT is not based on any specific course of study, rather is based on the language-use situations that would be experienced in real-life. 

Section 1: Listening

The listening section comprises of three parts:

Part A: In this part, Candidates listen to a short sentence and based on the sentence heard, they are required to answer the question. The question tests the understanding skills of the candidate. 

Part B: Candidates listen to a short dialogue between two people, followed by a question to test your understanding of the dialogue. 

Part C: This part consists of a long piece that is similar to a lecture give by a speaker. It tests the candidates’ comprehension skills. 

Section 2: Reading Comprehension

In this section, one or two passages are given. Candidates are required to read those passages and answer a few multiple-choice questions based on the reading and understanding of the material given.

Section 3: Structure

This section comprises of two parts:

Part A: The part A consists of a sentence with a missing word. Candidates are required to complete the sentence by selecting the appropriate word from the options given.

Part B: A sentence is given and different parts of the sentence are underlined. Candidates are required to identify the wrong part in the sentence given.

Section 4: Writing

Candidates can sit for this section if they have finished the previous sections, i.e. section 1-3 of the ALPT. In this section, 3 topics are given ad candidates are required to select 1 and write on it. Express your opinion. This section assesses the candidate’s ability to generate written literacy Arabic. This section is graded on the basis of the guidelines issued by the America Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). The writing is assessed on the usage of vocabulary and grammar, spelling, clarity and coherence, and punctuation. 

Section 5: Speaking

This section is taken by the local teacher who meets the pupil online visa Skype or any other voice chat software. The native speaker of Arabic would ask a few questions and candidates are required to answer those questions in Arabic. This section evaluates the candidate’s ability to speak Arabic fluently and correctly.

Dates and Deadlines

The ALPT date varies every year. To know about the test dates, contact the concerned test center.

To know more about the ALPT, contact the Arab academy.  

English Language Proficiency Tests

Following English language test results are accepted by universities in Egypt:

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): The TOEFL test assesses the English language skills of the applicants in academic settings.

International English Testing System (IELTS): The IELTS test assesses the English language skills of the applicants. 
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