Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Egypt

Every system needs monitoring. Without monitoring authority, the quality of any organization slowly degrades. Education system is not an exception to this fact. Hence, the accrediting and quality assurance agencies are formed in Egypt to ensure that the quality of educational institutes is standardized and that the quality of the existing institutions is acceptable.

Ministry of Education in Egypt

In Egypt, the Ministry of Education is responsible for taking appropriate actions for the education of the country. In addition to that, three other centres supporting the Ministry of Education are the
  • National Center of Curricula Development
  • National Center for Examinations
  • Educational Evaluation and the National Center for Education Research
The policies are formulated by these centers while the higher education system is administered by the Ministry of Higher Education.  

Aim of Ministry of Education Egypt

The main aim of Ministry of Education is to maintain and improve the standards of educational institutes. The ministry designs, executes and reviews the quality measuring instruments and those instruments or tools can be in the form of templates, procedures and data bases, to gather and process the information provided by the institute correctly.
The agency provides guidelines for the educational institutes regarding the course programs, internal quality maintenance, performance follow ups of students, identifying where the problems are in a particular course, and suggestions of further development and enhancement.

Accreditation of Institutes by Ministry of Education

The agency accredits each institute by its formulated criterion. The agency accredits the institutes which have got excellent improvement and are still on the path of achieving excellence. The accreditation is like a pat on the back to institutes for their progress and will inspire them to excel furthermore. The main responsibilities of the ministry are:
  • To promote the quality assurance in educational institutes
  • To help in maintaining quality of education in institutes with good quality.
  • To improve the opportunities for various sectors of people to get educated.
  • To include research and community facilities in education system of the institutes.
  • To assist the institutes to develop their quality of education.

Transitional Period

The period in which an educational institute is given support to develop various aspects of quality assurance, improve the standards of academics and enhance the learning opportunities. Guiding principles of accreditation and quality assurance agency are-
  • The primary needs and priorities of students must be kept in mind.
  • Unite the visions, strategies and goals of an educational institute.
  • To let everyone get involved in the process of improvement without discrimination.
  • Formulation tools which can accurately evaluate all the standards.
  • Decision making on the basis of facts in an unbiased way.
  • Respecting an institute for its activities in education.

Benefits to the Students

A potential student who is aspiring for higher studies can be benefited by the accrediting agency immensely. He/she can know the specific qualities of a particular institute and then can decide their option. There may be different priorities for different students. For some, education may be the main target and for some, the community in the college. Some may join an institute based on the research facilities provided by that institute. Since all institutes may not provide best quality in all aspects and they may specifically be excellent in some aspects, a student can select his/her college according to his/her priorities.

This information regarding which college stands best in what aspect can be known by the accreditation and quality assurance agencies and decision can be taken without any ambiguity.
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