Post Doctorate Degrees in Egypt

Universities in Egypt offer doctorate or post doctorate degrees which are research or professional degrees that, in most countries, qualifies the holder to teach at the university level in the specific field. While the format of Egypt doctoral programs is more formal and complex than in some other countries, a doctorate is not only awarded for the preliminary research study that leads to a doctoral candidacy, but for successfully completing and defending the independent research presented in the form of the doctoral dissertation. Doctorate degrees universally contain an independent research component or always require a dissertation. Often such professional degrees are referred to as an entry level doctorate program and Ph.D. as post-professional doctorate.

Requirements to Enrol for Post- Doctorate Degrees:

  • For post doctorate degrees programmes, applicants should have a doctoral degree or equivalent professional training or experience at the time of application.
  • Sufficient proficiency in the English language to carry out the project required. Because it organizes at an international level. So applicants must have valid IELTS or equivalent score cards.
  • Applicants should have a valid passport and VISA with the permission to stay in Egypt.
  • Applicants should have a valid physical test report, compulsory of HIV test report.
  • Candidates should have a strong financial background to pay education expenses on time.
  • The original doctorate or equivalent course transcript with proof of successful completion of your doctorate.
  • Valid score report for valid TOEFL/iBT or IELTS exam, GMAT etc where required.
  • For taking a scholarship you are authorized with your own country and must have excellent grades in previous qualifications.
Post doctorate offered by Egypt universities aims to improve education in Egypt by opening the doors for multiple students exchange between the countries. These also play a crucial role in social and behavioural programmes by promoting dialogue and understanding between different countries' peoples and cultures by offering financing opportunities for student exchange between the countries.

Universities also offer Scholarships, international tours, accommodation, library facilities, campus placement facilities for doctoral candidates, post-doctoral students as well as academic and administrative staff where required. Students from India, USA, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Arab countries and the European Union usually come to Egypt to pursue their post- doctorates and are eligible for short term and long-term mobility.

So if the applicants have all required documents mentioned above then they will be able to take admission but make sure that you have to apply before the close date. All the instructions and rules mentioned in the handbook. Students will get benefitted of international education and additional social knowledge of various different unions. So please check the application form submission dates if you are fulfilling the criteria of post doctorate degree programmes.

For latest updates and exact requirements see official website of universities and departments.
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