Grading System in Egypt

The letter system through which a student is measured academically is known as a grade system. Every country has its own grading system and Egypt is no exception to this. The G.P.A. of students in Egypt is measured in two different ways.

The whole alphabetical system

One way is that it is measured in alphabets. Alphabets are categorized in five categories and belongs to different levels are called A, B, C, D, F where grade A is given to students who have a score between 85-100, B for students who got 75-84, C for those who got 65-74, D for those who got 50-64, E for those who are between 30-46 and F for those who are in the range of 0-29.

Alphabets with symbols system

The other  grading system in Egypt can be broadly divided into nine categories, which are named as A,A-,B ,B.B-,C ,C,D,F. The grading system varies as per university levels.

Grades used for arts related subjects

The grades used for the subjects- arts, Islamic studies, languages, archaeology, economics and political science, law, and mass communications are-
Grade    Scale    Grade Description                
A    90.00 - 100.00    Excellent                
A-    80.00 - 89.99    Very good                
B    65.00 - 79.99    Good                
C    50.00 - 64.99    Acceptable                
D    35.00 - 49.99    Weak                
F    0.00 - 34.99    Very weak               

Grades used for Health Sciences

The grades used for the health sciences are-
Grade    Scale    Grade Description                
A    85.00 - 100.00    Excellent                
A-    80.00 - 84.99    Very good                
B    65.00 - 79.99    Good                
C    50.00 - 64.99    Acceptable                
D    30.00 - 49.99    Weak                 
F    0.00 - 29.99    Very weak                

Grades used for technical, fine arts related subjects

The grades used in education, fine arts, engineering, technology, urban planning, social sciences and veterinary medicine are-
Grade    Scale    Grade Description            
A    85.00 - 100.00    Excellent            
A-    80.00 - 84.99    Very Good            
B     75.00 - 79.99                
B    70.00 - 74.99    Good            
B-    65.00 - 69.99                
C     60.00 - 64.99                
C    55.00 - 59.99    Acceptable            
D    30.00 - 54.99    Weak            
F    0.00 - 29.99    Very weak            
There is no compulsion that all the Universities should follow this grading system but above is the optimized way of giving grades to the students in various disciplines in Egypt.

Most of the universities deliver only alphabetical grades like A, B, C, D, and F and omit the symbols, i.e., if a student got marks for B or B-, he/she would be awarded a B. But this system would be advantageous to some students and disadvantageous to some since a student who got a B-, if awarded a B grade, it would be advantageous to him and if a student got B , if awarded with a B grade would be on the disadvantageous end.  This is because when a student applies for job, the hiring persons would be more interested in a B student and just because a student comes from a university which doesn’t award grades in terms of plus or minus, even though he got marks which would be sufficient to get a B , he lags behind a student who got a B , since he is studying in a university which gives grades with plus and minus and this situation ultimately leads to inconsistencies.

Different versions of students on grading system

While some students and scholars support the system which gives plus or minus, others do not. The version of the supporters is that the students can be more filtered through this system since the worth of a student can be measured more accurately with this system .For example, A means an excellent outstanding performance which is above the standards of a student with grade A and one can accurately estimate where a student stands in his/her grades and priority can be given accordingly. The other version is that this system would ultimately lead to tension and anxiety among students and increases their pressure quotient and some even claim that this system leads to ambiguities.


There is another version which says that the plus or minus do not accumulate in the final G.P.A. and one need not worry about them on the whole.  What students say is that whatever may be the grading system the pressure on them would be the same and ultimately what matters to bag a job is not merely grades but also talent. 
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